Abdominal muscles are multiple parts of a bigger whole.
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Abdominal Muscles Are Parts Of A Whole

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The term parts of a whole is actually a mathematical term, which just happens to fit perfectly when talking about abdominal muscles.

All muscles are made up of multiple parts. For example, your tricep is made up of three muscles (hence the prefix tri): long head, medial head, and the lateral head.

Your abdominals are made up of four parts. In the front of your abs you have the upper abdominals and lower abdominals, on the sides you have your obliques, and behind your front abs you have stabilizer muscles.

Each muscle area can dramatically change how you look. When most people start an abdominal regimen for their flat stomach and six pack abs goals, they usually only target the upper abs through sit ups and crunches.

Yet in order to make your abdominal muscles really stand out, you will want to make sure you give your midsection attention in all areas.

You can target your lower abs by using your legs.

For example, doing leg lifts forces your lower abs to stay flexed in order to control the momentum of your legs as you lift them up and down.

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The most effective area for a leg lift exercise is just before your feet touch the floor. If you can keep your legs in between six inches to two feet from the floor, you should feel your lower abs really start to burn from the intensity of the workout.

The best way to describe your obliques is by thinking of them as the frame of your upper and lower abs. The obliques chisel the outer portion of your abs to make them look bigger and more defined. A great exercise for this would be the dumbbell side bend.

Last, but definitely not least, are your stabilizer muscles. These are the muscles that your abdominals sit on. Therefore the stronger they are, the quicker you will see results for your abdominal muscles goals. Most people tend to skip this area because the exercises for the muscle group are static, non-moving.

Ironically, this is the most important group to work out so you will be able to tone your abs quicker in order for you can reach your goals for your flat stomach and six pack abs. Focus on the side plank and regular plank to strength your stabilizer muscles.

Obliterate your abdominal muscles with Core Exercises.

Using an Exercise Ball targets multiple parts of your midsection.

Step up your progress with a Personal Trainer.

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