Build abs of steel with high intensity exercise.
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For Abs Of Steel Use Massive Resistance

Abs Of Steel

The goal for most men is to obtain six pack abs, but there are some that feel it is not enough.

When workout enthusiasts first start working out, there is not a lot of confidence in their abilities.

As time goes on, working out becomes a lifestyle and usually something they cannot get enough of.

If you want to get abs of steel, then increase the amount of weight you use per exercise. It seems very simple, and it really should be.

Getting these types of abs is similar to getting a six pack. The difference is that you are taking your workouts one step further.

Pump Up That Intensity With Resistance

When you usually try to work out your abdominals your goal should be to keep the reps in the 12 to 15 range. The difference for abs of steel workouts is that you will keep your reps in the 6 to 10 range. Follow the two rules below:

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For an example, when I first started on my quest to get rock hard abs, I started doing a cable crunch at about 60 pounds for 6 reps. Four months later, I was maxing out the cable machine at 200 pounds doing about 15 reps. The reason I was doing so many reps was because I couldn’t increase the weight anymore for the machine.

That is something very important to keep in mind. Let’s say you are using dumbbells, but your dumbbells only go up to 30 pounds. In this case, once you start using the thirty pound weights you will start to do as many reps as you can, since you cannot go any higher.

Stay consistent, do cardio, and stick with your nutrition plan and you will be able to reach your steel abs goal in a matter of months. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get you that dream body!

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