My six pack abs review of Mike Geary's book.
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Your Six Pack Abs And Flat Stomach No-Hype Guide To Stripping Belly Fat and Toning Those Abs!

The Truth About Abs

For the most part, most ab books are not worth your investment. This is mainly because all the books seem to copy each others ideas and never really bring anything new to the table. Therefore, I don't usually invest in a fitness book unless there is a real reason to do so.

After reading The Truth About Six Pack Abs I was blown away by the amount of detail and the pictures the book offered. It was the best book on abdominal training that I've ever read and its lessons allowed me to reach my fitness goals.

BONUS: Mike Geary's book is that it is an ebook (electronic book) so it can be downloaded immediately after you purchase the product.

I almost didn't buy this book because the sales page for this book seemed a little too sales pitchy and hyped up. Basically, it sounded too good to be true.

But what interested me in the book is that the author continued to emphasize the same points that I write about on this site. For example correct technique, consistency, nutrition, and the myths that most people think are true, so I became intrigued.

Even though I was still a bit skeptical, I purchased it anyways. However, I'm happy to tell you that I was delightfully surprised with the book's content and what it has to offer.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs is 106 pages of solid information on how to effectively workout your abs. Not only does the author, Mike Geary, recommend great exercises, but he discusses diet and offers nutrition and daily meal suggestions as well. Overall, most of the book focuses on ab exercise and strength training.

What makes this book genuine is that Mike is a personal trainer and a certified nutritionist. This means that he has the background knowledge to be a credible source on the subject. He also gives his customers his email address and sends helpful newsletters with tons of information including great workout tips. He seems to genuinely want to help people and is not just concerned about selling his book.

My Review On The Truth About Six Pack Abs

The author, Mike, begins by explaining in detail all sections of the abdominal regions. Even though I felt like I was back in middle school science class, it is really important that you understand your body. Many people will do exercises wrong because they don't understand their abdominal structure and how to target it.

My favorite section of the book is when he listed over 20 of the best ab exercises for your abdominals AND provided clear, color pictures of each exercise. He also has nutrition plans to fit the taste of every person's taste buds.

There are some exercises he mentions that are probably best performed in a gym, but you can do many of them in the comfort of your own home. Mike also shows you how to get the most out of an exercise ball, which is another great way to work your abs and stabilizer muscles.

I learned much more than I ever expected to from Mike's book. For example, I didn't know that it is best to do your ab training at the end of your cardio workout because the abdominal muscles stabilize your back and you can pre-exhaust them if you do your ab workout first.

I'm referring this book to my visitors because I receive e-mails all the time about weight training, bodybuilding, and personal training that I cannot answer. Now I'm happy to refer people to Mike's book because of his credentials and the value of his well written book.

Even though my site does a good job of covering myths, basic ab exercises and nutrition... this book dives deep into strength training, which is the most effective way to tone your abs. Cardio and dieting will burn fat, but strength training is what makes your abs and mid section solid and sexy.

For the ladies, I hope you are not turned off by the fact that this book focuses on terms like resistance training and six pack abs. If you want a solid and tone mid section that'll turn heads, then everyone, regardless of gender, has to do some form of the exercises mentioned in this book. I am happy that Mike emphasized that.

Whenever you see women with rock-hard abs and toned cores, they most likely did more than basic crunches to achieve that look. You don't have to work towards six pack abs, but you can use this book to simply flatten, tone, and strengthen your stomach.

The term "resistance training" doesn't necessarily mean weight lifting. You can also build strength by performing exercises on a fitness ball. As I mentioned, Mike shows you how to use fitness balls too.

From the best ab exercises to nutritional meals, it's all in The Truth About Six Pack Abs. If you buy any abs book this year, make it this one. For me, it was definitely money well spent.

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